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Styling By JBD

"Getting the Know"

(First consulation)

Getting to know you and why you want or need a stylist, finding out your preferred style, colours, designers and retailers, giving you a basic style analysis, personal and honest feedback and quick fix tips and tricks.


“You Knowing All”

(Follow up consultation)

In-depth style analysis, completely created around your body shape, skin tone, hair colour and personal preferences. Discovering new, exiting, creative ways to jazz up your daily style, helping you to love the skin you’re in. You will also be given all the information to take home in a hard copy. All the tools to make your next shopping trip the best you have ever experienced and the knowhow on turning your wardrobe from drap to fab.


“Your Wardrobe Call Out”

Teaching you how to work with what you have and how to sass up any outfit with a few simple accessories.


“Personal Shopping Day Out”

Receiving hands on experience that will open your eyes to the endless possibilities of fashions and accessories to cater to your needs, ensuring your money and time is spent effieciently you will walk away with the knowledge and tips to ensure a perfect shopping experience every time.


“Dress to Impress”

Helping you find the perfect outfit for that special occasion. It may be you are unsure of how to accessories your outfit or have an accessory you want to put into an outfit. This could involve any of the following; shopping out and about, online shopping, working with your wardrobe or a collaboration of all. This can also be achieved via online Skype or video call.


“That Little Bit More”

There are time were we know what we want but just can’t find it…..or maybe we just can’t express what we are looking for…..That’s where JBD can help you find that perfect hairdresser, beautician, gym/personal trainer or cosmetic clinic.


“Group Styling Sessions”

Getting together a group of ladies together and enjoy the experience of learning how to re-invent or create a new you. Get that one on one experience without the feeling of being on your own.

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