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Lets talk accessories...

Posted on November 17 2017

Let's talk accessories... Now we all love accessories - be it sunnies, earrings or anything in between. Unfortunately too many woman are over doing it and wearing too many statements pieces at one time. When creating the perfect outfit ensure your keeping it classy and stylish! Too many accessories not only looks over the top and awkward but also hurts the viewers eyes - they don't know where to look. Draw their attention exactly where you want it. When I am creating my must have look I like to pick my clothing first. There is nothing worse then trying to work a complete outfit around a necklace or pair of shoes. I begin with my starter, being a my main piece of clothing - the one peice that is going to be what ever thing else works around. Then proceed to pick my filler - this is the extra (ie; jeans, bottoms, jacket). Now to my shoes, ensuring my clutch or handbag matches my shoes - this is a way to make a statement effortlessly. Finally my completion items - these are going to be my accessories. Remember when picking these accessories only have one that screams 'look at me'... If i have wow factor earrings on, i pair them up with matching low key bangles. If my necklace is outrageously loud my earrings will be basic but matching in colour. We all like to have all eyes on us but sometimes to much is just to much! Stay tuned for more fun tricks and tips to help u always look you finest.... If your gonna' do it - do it fashionably stylish! JBD


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